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Four ways to fluency in English

MOTIVATION: Ask yourself: Why do I want to learn English? Do you need it for university, do you want to travel or get a job in a different country?

PLAN: Make your motivation your goal. Work out how long you have to achieve what you want, what level you are and how long do you have.

INVESTMENT: What is your learning style? Can you do it by yourself or do you need a teacher to help you in your journey? How much money are you willing to invest? It's your future!

FREQUENCY: It's very important to keep going and avoiding any breaks in your study BUT do not overload yourself! How often will you need lessons to achieve your goal?

My top tip is: Take your time! Some people need much longer to learn a language than others and you need a lot of practice to become fluent!


Get in touch if you need help with your English journey.


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