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How to prepare for university in an English speaking country

Research and Plan Ahead

Whether you are planning to study an *undergraduate or *postgraduate course, it's important to research which university and country you would like to study in. Check each university for specific courses and fees, there are websites where you can check how good is the course and the university. Look into the city they are located in and check the weather and places to visit. This is also very important as you will be spending all your free time in the city.

Apart from your course, there are many other activities you can get involved in. Plan out what would you do in your spare time, consider your hobbies and check if the university offers any of your favourite activities.

Check your qualifications

Most foreign universities will accept IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as an entry qualification. Make sure you check which band is accepted and take your time to prepare for the exam. It is a difficult exam and it will determine your future, so it is very important you are ready for it. Some universities will consider different types of exams, make sure you know this before applying.

Prepare for your course

Once you find your course, fill out your application form and send your IELTS result, hopefully, you will get accepted on your chosen course. You can read up on which *modules you will study in your first academic year and check if there are any reading lists so that you can start your preparation early. Be ready to study independently!

Practice study skills

University study is all about independent learning. The *lecturers will only give you an introduction to the course, the rest of the information you will have to find yourself, read and research. Don't be fooled by the number of hours of *lectures, you will need to study double that time at home or in the library.


* undergraduate course: first degree at the university level

* postgraduate course: a course you take at university after graduating from your first degree

* modules: units of study/subjects at university

* lecturer: teacher/professor at university

* lecture: lesson at university

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