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Five fun ways to improve your English in lockdown

1. LISTEN TO PODCASTS👂 Find podcasts on a topic that interests you. BBC podcasts are a good start for those of you who like to listen to British English. You will find many podcasts on different topics with different English accents. 2. READ ALOUD📖 This is very important for your vocabulary and pronunciation. For sure you read a book in your language on a topic that interests you. You may have a favourite book that you've read many times. Now it's time to read it in English and aloud. You will be surprised how reading aloud will help you with pronunciation and comprehension. 3. WATCH MOVIES & TV SERIES 📺 Nowadays it's easy to access movies and TV series in English. Search Netflix or YouTube to find your favourite onces to watch in English. Put subtitles on if you need to, it will help you understand better. If you're more advanced, challenge yourself to watching something you're not familiar with. 4. SING KARAOKE 🎤🎶 Get your family involved in some singing, it could be really fun! You could record yourself and listen back. You might not like hearing yourself back but it will help you understand your pronunciation problems and improve quicker. 5. PRACTICE WITH A TEACHER 👩‍🏫 If you're thinking: "I have more time, why not start investing in my future", it's never been a better time to start learning English! If you need somebody to help you reach your goals, I'm here to help. Contact me for more information on private language lessons. Good luck and remember, don't give up! The world is your oyster 🍀🌍😊


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